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Pelicans to Portraits

Born in England, I migrated to Australia in 1968 at the age of ten. I work full-time as a clerk with the State Government and I live at Lake Macquarie in New South Wales.

I completed an informal art course at Dobell House, Wangi, when my youngest child was 18 months old … because I needed some ‘me’ time. My daughter is now nearly 18 years old.

I have an affinity with the ocean and I love painting the movement of waves; and trying to achieve the translucency of water.

I have an older brother who has been an artist most of his life. As a child, I always compared my artwork with his. As a result, I didn’t

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My Love of Art
For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, but it is only in recent years that I have had the opportunity to concentrate on improving my art skills and extend my interest in art to working with charcoal and pastels. Com
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Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Find a style of brush you are comfortable in using and stick to it. My paintings are all about the stroke, and the brush is intrinsic to this. • Gloss Varnish - this is my choice. You can use an acrylic water based one or a turps based one. Satin i
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“Look! Look! That’s my Daddy’s painting!”
As a boy, Aaron Gan dreamt of being a professional artist. While other children wanted to grow up to become doctors, lawyers, firefighters or the president, deep inside he knew that his calling was to be an artist. “Ever since I could hold a pencil,