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PEARL6 min cititeHappiness
On Womanhood
Woman, to me, stands on a somewhat elevated pedestal. I look to her for guidance and leadership in all phases of life pertaining to the inner self. In these aspects, she stands closer to the Light and is in closer connection with the source of all pr
PEARL3 min cititeSociety
True Prayer
Only a few people know of the wonderful help of a true prayer. Most do not know. Be it that it is buried in them. Perhaps with one or the other it requires only an impulse, and it rises dimly in his memories. It is linked mostly with childhood or any
PEARL2 min citite
A Gate Opens
According to man's spiritual state in the Gross Material World as well as in the Ethereal World, the spiritual man, the real ‘ego’, must either move upwards or remain chained to the World of Matter. The serious longing for Truth and Light will, by