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BY Elizabeth McCracken

PAGES 371 | GENRE Historical Fiction

REVI EW BY David Canfield @davidcanfield97


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Intergalactic Games
Even bigger struggles for survival and power emerge in the fifth season of The Expanse, which will follow the events of Nemesis Games, the fifth book in the series by James S.A. Corey (the pen name used by authors/EPs Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck). H
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Indie’s New Queen
MAROONED IN A REMOTE CABIN IN the Adirondacks, Aubrey Plaza faced a unique challenge: “to maintain drunkenness for days on end.” As she recalls over Zoom from her home in L.A., “Not just a little drunk, but really, really drunk.” She’s talking work,
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Yes, this is a waffle iron for dog treats. Because those charm bracelets and Monopoly games are going to take up only so much of your time. $30 → target.com Americans have never been more aware of the National Park System than they are during the pan