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livia Cirocco of GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens had nurtured a love for design from a young age, but she did not initially think she could turn her passion into a career. She eventually decided to do a Bachelor’s Degree in interior architecture.

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Product Spotlight
Choosing an artwork is no easy feat. The piece needs to speak to a room, please the eye of an individual or group, and complement a space. Inspired by the enthralling landscapes of nature and city themes, Ani Ipradjian’s work can only be described as
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Cream Of The Crop
Design goes beyond simple aesthetics. Great design can turn a house into a home. It can enhance liveability and the functionality of a space that affects the way you live in the most important space, where time is spent most to relax, entertain, and
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A Stroll Down Memory Lane
The hilly, city-fringe suburb of Paddington in Brisbane is where you’ll find the incredibly personal Paddington House, and reminiscing, daydreaming and silent (or vocal) reveries are all encouraged inside. Home of Brian and Julia McKenny, the project