Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Yeppoon Ebb

In the course of my painting career, I have taken thousands of photographs. The biggest challenge after a ‘gathering information’ trip is deciding which image to select, from the thousands of photographs taken, to use for a painting. Often, one will stand out from a series and say, “Paint me.” Yeppoon Ebb was one of those photographs.

The combination of late afternoon light; the colours; and the composition of the boats was a bit flukey … but then, after all, serendipity is the guardian angel of an artist.

As all of my photographs are

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Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Follow your own instinct. • Be confident. • The best way for grey graphite lines not to show, is to not put them there in the first place. • Don’t press too hard on one section of the tape while you are drawing. Relax. • Let the washes and splatter