When the Kung bushmen of Africa gather around a fire, they like to scare their children with tales of the gauwasi. The gauwasi, in their tradition, are mischievous and deadly imps, who hide in the bush and creep through the savannah.

Sometimes, they come to you in your sleep – convincing you

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· Two players · Twelve counters each – they could be sticks vs stones, black vs white, or any other group you can find as long as each player’s set is easily recognisable. To form three-in-a-row, and remove your opponent’s pieces so they can’t play.
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The Mpemba Effect
Even as Erasto Mpemba put up his hand, his schoolmates started jeering. They knew what he was going to ask – it was his obsession – and they did not want to be embarrassed by a classmate demonstrating his ignorance of physics in that way.  Throughout
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Joseph Coelho The Importance Of Poetry To Me
My relationship with poetry feels like my relationship with air. It’s always been there and has always been essential. I rarely discuss poetry, but like air it is always around me: I’m always using it, leaning on it, depending on it. It took me a whi