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Wildlife Art

My life began in Sydney, in 1966. I now live and work in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. I have had my home here for the past 29 years.

I paint at

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Artist's Back to Basics1 min citite
Temple entrance at Tirtagangga Water Palace, Bali
Draw a light pencil border the size you would like your sketch. This is particularly helpful if you want to do several small sketches on the one page. The border also prevents you sketching to the edge of your paper and the sketch becoming a finished
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The Ben Roberts Cafe and Gallery
The Ben Roberts Cafe and Gallery is a new art venue in the Blue Mountains. Owner Carolynne Skinner has a long history of arts publishing and running galleries. She tells here how her new gallery came about … Many people, including those living here,
Artist's Back to Basics5 min citite
Brush Strokes
There’s something about making discoveries artistically that leads to discovering that waste is not at all attractive. For those of you who are afflicted with that same sentiment, this article is for you. There comes a time that we must say goodbye t