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Argentines’ Impossible Choice

President Mauricio Macri has disappointed in his first term, but the alternative may not be any better.

Argentina will hold presidential elections later this year, but the contours of the contest are starting to delineate. The current president, Mauricio Macri, from the center-right Cambiemos (“Let’s Change”) coalition, will seek re-election. Although it is still unclear whom Macri will be running against, we already know that his opponent will be Peronist. Indeed, it is not unlikely that his opponent will be former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, whom he replaced in 2015. Although she has not announced her intentions, surveys already have them head to head in an eventual runoff, since neither would likely be able to win in the first round. Surveys also show that each candidate’s main asset is popular dislike for the other, which will push voters to select whichever they believe is the lesser of two evils. That Argentines find their choices so unappealing might seem surprising given the fanfare with which Macri came to

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