Never Gonna Give You Up

his issue is full of the latest gear. But no matter how great the new stuff, there’s some equipment that’s earned a forever home in our packs. We asked our Twitter followers: What do you bring with you every time you hit the trail? See what they

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WARMEST OUR TAKE When we first tried Brynje’s Scandinavian-style baselayers last year, we were hooked: The fishnet design, which uses small holes in the material to trap pockets of air when worn under another layer, kept us warm all winter. This year
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Thrive at Altitude
Your body begins to sense a decrease in oxygen levels at around 5,000 feet and responds by increasing respiration and heart rates. As your body works harder, it uses water more quickly. High elevations are also less humid, so sweat evaporates faster,
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TENTS STRONGEST OUR TAKE In 2014, we lauded the four-season Moment for its stability, and this redesign doubles down on sturdiness. A thicker brow pole provides better support in high winds: “I saw 45-mph gusts and the tent stood firm,” said one test