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When was the club founded?

Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society was founded in 1892, and our aims are the same today as they were then: to help our members get more pleasure, satisfaction and fun out of photography and, thus, more out of life.

What does your club offer to new members?

We are a friendly club with a wealth of

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Today, most portraits of Hollywood A-listers you see in magazines tend to be arranged by film companies, shot in Los Angeles and distributed centrally. It suits the companies because it’s more efficient than having images shot by lots of photographer
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It’s been 50 years since the UK’s first women’s liberation march, which took place on 6 March 1971 and progressed from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. An estimated 4,000 women, men and children joined the procession, despite snow and sleet. Speaking t
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Surely the most famous landscape photographer ever to have lived, Ansel Adams (1902-84) had an extraordinary ability to capture the sublime in an image. His photographs of the American wilderness are instantly recognisable: each one is a masterclass