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April 1st 2005, 11am. I’m pushing bacon around my plate with a disinterested fork. I’d just lost years of emails, followed by my appetite. “They must be on my hard disk somewhere,” I pleaded, hoping it was a date prank. “Yes and no,” my IT buddy replied, sipping his third short black. “That’s what happens when Outlook crashes — they’re there, but they’re irretrievable. You eating that bacon?” “Nah...” It vanished in a blur of cutlery, caffeine and disgruntled seagulls. “It’s 2005, dude. The

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Audio Technology2 min citite
SENNHEISER HD 25 LIGHT Closed-Back Headphones
Lightweight and unobtrusive, Sennheiser’s HD 25 on-ear headphones may not impress with their looks but effortlessly impress with their sound. Those little earcups deliver big sound and a thumping bottom end without sucking anywhere nearly as much amp
Audio Technology1 min citite
Need To Know
$269 RRP CMI: (03) 9315 2244, or Tube oscillator and sub-oscillator give a warmth and grit to the sound. Controls should go to 11, or even 13. A diminutive but mighty little tube-enhanced bass synth that harks back to Rola
Audio Technology1 min citite
Need To Know
$179 RRP Sennheiser: (02) 9910 6700 or Impressive tone with gutsy lows Lightweight Headband feels a little delicate Sennheiser’s HD25 Light won’t disappoint as a trusty ‘desert island’ monitoring tool for audio engineers or re