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Some like it warm

or many years my mother grew an apple tree in her Sydney garden. She had grafted it as a student at horticulture college and kept it as a memento. It grew but never flowered or fruited, but not because of poor grafting techniques. It didn’t crop as, despite the odd frosty night in winter, the area wasn’t cold enough for apples to flower and fruit. Today, she could plant a low-chill apple variety such as ‘Anna’ and reap a crop

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Common names: Leek Botanical name: Allium ampeloprasum Porrum Group (syn. A. pourrum) Family: Alliaceae Aspect & soil: Full sun; regular moisture Climate: All Habit: Annual bulb Propagation: Seed, seedling Difficulty: Easy Leeks are, in my opinion, t
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Stop breaking your back trying to dig your clay soil, stop wasting water trying to keep plants from dying in the hot summer months and start using Earthlife Garden Mate. This easy-to-use, simple soil conditioner combines several products in one. Eart