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Go Big for the Little Wins

e tend to save parties and Facebook announcements for major moments: a new job, a first house, a 10-year anniversary. But micro feats and seemingly mundane moments deserve just as much love—if not more. “Taking time to celebrate minor accomplishments encourages mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection, creating a happier, fuller life and helping you reach your goals,” says Megan Bruneau, a therapist and executive coach in NYC. “You’re able to see real

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Carry All
Whether we’re talking workout gear or a laptop (or both), this genius triple tote will handle it. Gymshark top and leggings, gym shark.com; Heron Preston hat, heronpreston.com; New Balance x Staud bag, staud.clothing The fanny pack has cool cred now
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LAWYER AND JOURNALIST SUNNY HOSTIN As a legal analyst at CNN, Sunny was one of the first reporters to bring national attention to the tragic shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. But the high-profile case was not the first time—nor would it be the
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Shift Into Neutral
BLINDSPOT, BY MAHZARIN R. BANAJI AND ANTHONY G. GREENWALD • We all have ’em; we just don’t want to admit we do. This book, by two psychologists, explains the science behind everyone’s hidden biases to help readers better recognize and overcome them.