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Internet giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are facing tougher calls for regulation than ever before, as the devastating impact of social media on our children’s health begins to come to the fore. This week, we take a closer look at the “social generation,” exploring what needs to be done to create a safer, more positive digital environment for everyone…


Today’s millennials and Gen Zers are living in truly unprecedented times, with their smartphones now “constant companions” that alert them to updates on their friends, their favorite celebrities, and the goings on around the world. Youngsters are always-on, always updating, and always glued to their phones - teenagers spend an average of nine hours per day online, with many “worried” they’re spending too much time browsing social networks .

However, it’s hard to deny that social media has, for the most part, been a force for good, connecting communities once cut off from the outside world, allowing businesses to flourish and compete with multinationals, and aiding democracy and the dissemination of positive news. But social media is also under fire, with national surveys showing teenagers are in crisis: suicide . What’s more, the past ten years, mental health has suffered, with the USA reporting a . Of course, there are a whole host of reasons why young people may be struggling: you only have to read headlines about the growing threat of terrorism, uncertain political and economic times to see why.

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