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Michael Piegdon is originally from New York but has spent most of his adult life in Colorado. Michael’s love affair with the ruggedness and sheer majesty of the Colorado mountains and breathtaking terrain has been ongoing. His paintings and artistic pursuits are a result of this. Now, living in Australia, he has embraced the majestic terrain of the Blue Mountains and the jagged seacoast to enhance his collection of dramatic paintings.

An avid mountain climber and adventurer, Michael has been able to capture the mystery and drama of some of the world’s most spectacular and scenic locations in beautiful watercolours. He uses wet-on-wet saturation of colour to depict the emotion and drama of every subject. Through years of study and experience, Michael has

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This painting is of my old kelpie, ‘Stalker’. He has been gone for about ten years. The pose is typical of how he used to sit all the time. The picture is a great way to remember a great dog. From reference photographs, I do a simple pencil sketch.
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• Half sheet of white Colourfix paper taped to a backing board• A workable matt spray fixative and SpectraFix spray for final fixing• Art Spectrum and Rembrandt soft pastels: Pale blue, dark brown, mid-brown, mid-pink, light yellow, light grey, orang
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“I Cannot Imagine Life Without Art”
Another rainy day, another chance to stay indoors and draw and paint! Any excuse would do for an 8-year-old whose only desire was to be “an artist when I grow up”! Well almost 48 years later I still have the same passion to paint and draw as I believ