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Getting Outdoors

In pursuing my life-long love of art, I have studied portrait painting with Muriel and John Balmain for a number of years. I have also undertaken studies at Sturt University in Bathurst.

I was born in Melbourne. My home is now at Mt Evelyn, in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges.

My artistic passion lies in getting outdoors … be it by the ocean or in the landscape. There is nothing better than setting up the French easel on a sunny day, and bringing something back to the studio that is totally fresh and original. I have a friend who I paint with on such

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Cavalier in Black Pencil
I had just got off the phone from talking to Artist’s Palette (when they called and asked me to submit an insight and demo), the screaming, jumping up and down, the phone calls to tell friends and family and posts on social media has stopped… I’m now
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Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Print your reference photo in black and white. • Your pencil needs to be so sharp that it can be used as a stabbing weapon. Turn your pencil after every couple of strokes to get a longer life on your sharp tip. • When starting a new area of the dra
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Master Hints And Tips
• Paper stumps are excellent to blend the first layer of pastel. They can be used to remove excess pastel, and are useful to stabilise a drawing so that it does not smudge. • Colour shapers are very useful to blend heavier pastel if you require a smo