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A history of patriarchy

What are we talking about when we speak of modern Hinduism? Let's be clear that Sabarimala has to do with a religious practice associated with a God who is considered to be significant from the point of view of the celibacy principle and this was historically the reason worshippers were expected to be 'asexual' over a period of time before they came

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Border Brinkmanship
While the country’s attention has been focused on the struggle to contain the COVID-19 virus, incidents on the India-China border have thrown the more familiar challenge of safeguarding our extended frontiers. On May 5 and 9, there were clashes betwe
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Welcome Breather
AS PART OF THE STIMULUS, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a number of reforms aimed at easing the business environment. These include changes in the trigger for insolvency proceedings and decriminalising provisions of the Companies Act.
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Elements Of A Virtual Classroom
The Massive Open Online Courses, popularly known as MOOCs, are created by national and international educational institutes, providing openly accessible study material and degrees to students. The Union HRD ministry, too, has launched several MOOCs.