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8 most powerful changemakers of business world

Eight women who don't take no for an answer, are go-getters and always up for challenges.

A lot on her plate
Schauna Chauhan Saluja, 42

CEO, Parle Agro, Mumbai

Define success: It is about building relationships with your business partners and people. Power is when you can say no to a lot of good opportunities and still be able to get what you want.

What comes with power? Success will keep coming and going. It's not going to be there with you forever so you have to plan for the downs of success while you keep working towards moving upwards. I grab the opportunities to make the success even bigger because when it goes, it will go so fast that you would have lost out on all the avenues that you had.

Biggest inspiration: My father Prakash Chauhan who is a visionary and a man of his word. On holding your ownDo not be afraid to be the only one in the room that says, no, I disagree. Do you follow rules? Follow rules but be different and think differently within the framework of the rules. You like your work because: I love the story behind our company and the generations it has gone through to be here. I get out of my bed wanting to jump right back to work. If there was anything I possibly didn't like about my work,

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