By Ian Bremmer

Nearly three decades after the Cold War’s end, it’s no longer clear that American-style liberal democracy has carried the day. Xi Jinping has consolidated power in China on a scale not seen since Mao. Vladimir Putin has served longer than any other Russian leader since Stalin. Even many democracies are being undermined by populism.

Democracy remains the form of government most likely to create lasting security and prosperity. A few

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Joining the Court
TIME’s news feature, “The Law According to Ruth: Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” appeared in the June 28, 1993, edition of the magazine. It has been edited for space and clarity. IN 1993, AFTER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON NOMINATED Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be the 107
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Fit to Serve
FOUNDED IN 1839, THE VIRGINIA MILITARY Institute commands 200 acres in the Shenandoah Valley, its campus lined with 19th-century buildings—most conspicuously the Old Barracks, a neo-Gothic structure resembling a medieval castle. Greeting recruits is
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Women Of The Court
WHEN ASKED IN INTERVIEWS ABOUT THE IDEAL number of women on the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a ready response: nine. And why not, she continued: for most of American history, the court was made up of nine men, “and nobody’s ever rai