Keep your kids safe online


An iOS 12 device

you will learn

How to keep children safe when using an iPad or iPhone


30 minutes

A CHILD’S CURIOSITY IS A wonder, but not so endearing when they’re hacking your router or looking at the wrong sites to broaden their biology knowledge.

Apple is one step ahead of enquiring minds and has

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EDITOR Nick Odantzis ART EDITOR Matt Lochrie PRODUCTION EDITOR Iain Noble CONTRIBUTORS Adam Banks, Alex Blake, Matt Bolton, JR Bookwalter, Ryan Butt, George Cairns, Alex Cox, Ian Evenden, Kenny Hemphill, Charlotte Henry, Hollin Jones, Cliff Joseph, C
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THERE ARE A lot of ways you can change your device’s appearance, from setting a fresh wallpaper to overhauling its whole look and feel with Dark Mode. The problem is that many of these interactions require to you search deep within menus and settings