Amateur Photographer

Viewpoint Lily Bungay

Throughout history, photography has been considered a medium of truth-telling. Originally photography was expected to be technically perfect in order to be considered truthful. But, in1958, Robert Frank's seminal work, , broke away from this tradition. Documenting the darker side of life in the USA in the1950s, he captured the uglier parts of American society from an

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Amateur Photographer1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Best Kit
When you’ve spent time building your set and perfecting the lighting, the last thing you want is to nudge the camera when taking the shot – especially if you’re using a long shutter speed or creating a composite. If you want to highlight a particula
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My weekly issue of Amateur Photographer has been a welcome gift during lockdown. In recent years, and in retirement, I decided to return to photography as a hobby. My initial thoughts were Canon or Nikon but my elder son introduced me to Fujifilm. No
Amateur Photographer1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Hole-y Cow!
The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, which produced the first image of a black hole, has revealed a new view of the massive object at the centre of the M87 galaxy: how it looks in polarised light. This is the first time astronomers have b