The internet is 10,100+ days old. How old were you when the internet was launched?

Ada Lovelace was the daughter of the world’s most famous poet, Lord Byron, and a mathematician.

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Benjamin Zephaniah
What was special about growing up in Handsworth, Birmingham? I really liked the fact that everybody was equal. We never saw really rich people so it felt that we were all equally poor, and because we were poor, we made our own toys. We didn’t rely o
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Guest Editor Sharna Jackson
High Rise Mystery won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2020. She lives on a boat in Rotterdam. Why do you think Black History Month is important? It’s the moment to remember significant people and events from the past. In schools, we are unfo
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Musa Omusi
Musa Omusi is an illustrator from Nairobi. His work is inspired by the world around him: the colours, patterns and shapes. He works with other artists that he meets along his way to bring peace, love and joy to the world. instag