The internet is 10,100+ days old. How old were you when the internet was launched?

Ada Lovelace was the daughter of the world’s most famous poet, Lord Byron, and a mathematician.

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Gareth’s Joke Battles
Up first, an author who really likes to express himself … usually by sticking a stamp on his he ad and hiding in a postbox. It’s Tom Easton! Why did the sick German poet throw away his pencil? It was making him verse. How should you get candy
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Meet Joe Haddow
What do you love about making radio programmes? I love music, all kinds of music, and what I love about making a music radio programme is that I can share music with others. I think the way in which songs are ordered and chosen for radio shows is qu
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What Is A Haiku?
Haiku are only three lines long. Here is an example of a poem by the grand master of haiku, Masaoka Shiki, who died in 1902: At the full moon’srising, the silver-plumedreeds tremble Here is another one: Autumn is leaving,tugging each others’ bra