I was wondering how to begin writing this. I stared at the blank page and it stared back at me. I had so much to say, but the words didn’t seem to be to hand: perhaps the subject was just too complex.

Suddenly, you could know the safe way through the forest, even if you had never been there.

It must have been like this when my grandma first invented language. (Well, not

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BEAT BOXING: Human Music
The lights dim on the stage in Klub Progresja in Warsaw, Poland. The crowd cheers, whoops and whistles as Scott Jackson, official host of the Grand Beatbox Battle, walks on stage and holds up a hand for silence. He raises the microphone to his lips a
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Scoop Club
On a walk in November,We heard a purr,Soft yet loud,Loud and proud,‘Meow Food’‘Are you in a good mood?’‘To give me some food?’The cat we named Puffin. On a day in DecemberWe heard a purr,From the curb,In the suburb.‘Meow Food’‘Are you in a good moo
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Joseph Coelho
Can you tell us about the poetry you write? I write poems about all sorts of things, from fairy tales about zombies (Zombierella!) to poems about nature, family and the environment. I very much enjoy playing with form – that means I experiment with