A daughter’s diary

The narrator of Courtney Maum’s third novel, Costalegre, is desperate for her mother’s attention. It’s 1937, and 15-year-old Lara Calaway is moping around the

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Animal Auctions
A trio of breeders pooled funds to purchase a 6-month-old Texel lamb with “all the best genetics,” as British newspaper the Guardian reported, at an auction in Scotland in August. The price? Nearly $490,000. Charles Herbster, chairman of President Tr
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Hurricane Season Is The Latest Climate Threat Facing Central America
FOR CENTRAL AMERICA, THIS YEAR’S storm season has been relentless. Already struggling under the economic toll of COVID-19, the developing region was battered by Hurricane Eta in early November and had little time to regroup before Hurricane Iota—the
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The 100 Best Inventions Of 2020
Yakima CBX Solar A camping trip no longer means going completely off the grid with Yakima’s new CBX Solar rooftop cargo box. Topped with durable Sunflare solar panels, the $1,299 carrier is equipped with two USB ports and can power your campsite on a