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Democracies try to boost public service

What a dive! On June 15 a group of 633 scuba divers in Florida cleaned up more than 1,500 pounds of waste off Deerfield Beach. It was the largest underwater cleanup on record. It was also perhaps the largest

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Rising From Pandemic, The Business Success Stories Of Tomorrow?
After a plunge in March, the number of business applications by firms that are likely to hire employees is 12% ahead of last year’s pace.
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Black Women Learn Homeownership – From Tool Belt To Closing The Deal
In Baltimore, the nonprofit Black Women Build takes vacant homes and shows trainees how to refurbish them. Redlined neighborhoods are a focus.
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Fictional Characters Gave Their Names To Words Too
Blurb, zany, and pants are all eponymous words with origins in the names of fictional characters – and there’s plenty more to be found.