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Born to Draw, Baby!

I want to take you back to 1993. I am a horse-mad girl with long brown hair and utterly lovesick. I love horses. Then along comes the Arabian horse. On the outside, this breed of horse is famous for its beauty, refinement and movement. This is all very enchanting to me, but what I come to know is what is on the inside of this magical and mesmerizing breed; they are sensitive, people-loving and kind. I am now 14 and Arabian horses are my world. I read and collect magazines about them. I do little sketches of them instead of doing my schoolwork. An opportunity arises for me to be connected with a purebred Arabian

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Back To The Future
The Queensland Wildlife Artists Society recently presented the Faber-Castell 250th Anniversary exhibition at the Richard Randall Studio Gallery, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens in Toowong, Brisbane. Count Andreas and Countess Virginia von Faber-Castell a
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Cavalier in Black Pencil
I had just got off the phone from talking to Artist’s Palette (when they called and asked me to submit an insight and demo), the screaming, jumping up and down, the phone calls to tell friends and family and posts on social media has stopped… I’m now
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Master Hints And Tips
• Because of the fine detail, I only work on my paintings for around three to four hours a day. I often get to a stage in the middle of a piece where I don’t like it; or I get extremely bored. That’s the time to set it aside and focus on something el