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Gillette released two videos, one addressing toxic masculinity, bullying, and sexism head-on and another featuring a transgender man being taught to shave by his father. These are a far cry from the ads I remember from my childhood in the ’90s—virile, bare-chested men giving themselves a clean shave, the razor navigating their well-defined jawlines with ease. Meanwhile, ads for the grooming brand Axe

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—@bkiel13 I’M GONNA GO out on a limb and guess you’re not all that psyched about being cooped up in there. I get it. I’ve always envied those people who seem totally content to sit alone with their own thoughts, enjoying whatever wholesome Inside Out
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JAKE VANLANDINGHAM, Ph.D., a 45-year-old neuroscientist who has spent nearly a decade trying to develop a drug that he believes can heal concussions, works out of his car. Or he sits at the kitchen table of the house he rents in a subdivision in Tall
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Ultralightweight, plush cushioning and insane traction from the Vibram sole give this rail runner an edge. $160; To ensure better-fitting boots, Salomon’s biomechanics lab identified the typical shape of thousands of feet and incorpora