Amateur Photographer

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TPG New Talent

The Photographers’ Gallery, London. Entry £5 or free from 5pm.

Recently The Photographers' Gallery (TPG) invited submissions to ‘New Talent', a new exhibition and mentoring scheme for up-and-coming photographers.

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Amateur Photographer6 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Little Charmer
Leica: it’s all about beautifully made but expensive rangefinders for Cartier-Bresson wannabes, right? Along with those mythically sharp lenses with evocative names like Summilux, or bucket-list buys like the M10 Monochrom… While these are the produc
Amateur Photographer1 min citite
Peter Dench
Peter is a photographer, writer, curator and presenter. He is one of the co-curators of Photo North in Harrogate and his books include The Dench Dozen: Great Britons of Photography Vol 1; Dench Does Dallas; The British Abroad; A&E: Alcohol & England
Amateur Photographer1 min citite
Amateur Photographer
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