U.S. Criticizes South Korea After Seoul Scraps Intelligence-Sharing Pact With Tokyo

Washington is unhappy with the decision to quit a 2016 intelligence-sharing agreement. The dispute has its origins in Japan's occupation of the Korean peninsula that ended after WWII.
Protesters hold placards reading 'No Abe!' earlier this month during a demonstration against Japan's removal of South Korea from a list of trusted trading partners in Seoul. Source: Bloomberg

Top U.S. defense officials delivered a rare and public rebuke of a top ally in Asia, South Korea, following Seoul's decision last week to pull out of a 2016 intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo.

That withdrawal was sparked by a bitter dispute between the two countries that began over compensation for Korean victims of war crimes perpetrated by Japan during its decades of occupation of the Korean peninsula, which ended after World War II.

Washington fears that Seoul's move will weaken its system of alliances in the region, just as the post-war security order is facing challenges from regional rivals,

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