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Freedom Through Forgiveness: The Emotional Causes of Eating Disorders & a Path to Recovery
— Growing up, I heard the names my brothers called me… Hippo, Fatty, and every other fat name you can call an overweight human being. Around the age of 12 I began being bullied in school. For the next two years of my life, if you touched me in any wa
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Soulmates: We May Have Many, But Finding Them Begins with Self-Love
— Soulmates are those people who come into our lives to add to our soul’s journey. They help us grow, learn, and evolve. There’s a common myth that we only have one soulmate, but this simply isn’t true. The truth is that we have several soulmates bec
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Recipe: M’smen North African Flatbread
_______ [Adapted (veganized) from The Spruce Eats] Makes 16 breads Note: When wrapped up, they can last up to five days in the refrigerator. I popped one in the toaster to reheat and it reminded me of a ‘toaster strudel’. 1. Whisk together all of the