History of War


Author: Col. G. A. Wade

Publisher: Royal Armouries

Price: £6.99

This curious little book offers advice for members of the Home Guard on patrol duty during World War

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Franco-dutch War
Upon beginning his personal rule, Louis XIV conducts an expansionist foreign policy with plans to annex the Habsburg Spanish Netherlands (now Belgium, Luxembourg and parts of northern France, western Germany and the southern Netherlands). He also tur
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Britain’s officer training academy has revamped its Indian Army Memorial Room in conjunction with the National Army Museum The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is the British Army’s initial officer training centre. With its stated aim of being “the
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The battle of Königgrätz (also known as the battle of Sadowa or the battle of Chlum) was the most decisive clash between the armies of Prussia and those of Austria and her allies during the short, seven-week long, Austro-Prussian War in 1866. The war