Easily open “quarantined” documents such as PDFs

No: it’s an obscure and long–standing security feature of macOS. For this to occur, there has to be a collision of three circumstances: the document must be in quarantine; in the Finder’s Get Info dialog, you must have chosen to open that document using an app other than the default for that document type; you then tried opening the document in Finder, for example by double–clicking.

The first may seem uncommon until you realize that opening any document using a “sandboxed” app writes a quarantine flag to that document, even if you don’t save it.

As all apps from the App Store, most of those bundled with macOS, and many others are “sandboxed”, chances are that more than a quarter of the documents on your Mac now have quarantine “flags”, and could trigger this if you were to change the app used to open that specific document from the default.

Thankfully, there are workarounds: opening the document from within an app bypasses this altogether, and using Finder’s contextual menu (Ctrl–click) and its Open command brings up a

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