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‘Let Them Be’

I have my substrate professionally stretched with double primed 10 ounce canvas (cotton duck), and before any oil painting is started I apply two coats of water based oil primer. This is a very important step as you cannot trust that the canvas manufacturer’s primer is evenly applied or even suitable for oil paint. An uneven primer can allow the oil paint to soak through and rot the canvas. This absorption of the oil can also make it difficult to blend

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Transport Art
Steve Leadenham is a Sydney-based artist specialising in transport subjects. He paints in oils and acrylics on canvas. He was brought up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire (England) and while attending the local grammar school was encouraged to undertake
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Green Tea
I prime a 10 x 12 inch canvas board and tape it around the edges. I do this so that my artwork appears photographic and sharp. I divide the canvas (in this instance into background and foreground). Using Van Gogh Ultra Marine oil paints, I loosely fi
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I apply a coating of White directly to the paper. Three-quarters of the way down, I blend in a small amount of Australian Ocean Blue with the side of the brush. I check the colour before painting a dark line at the base. I dip a knob of steel wool i