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Neil is hunched over the stainless-steel pass, deep in thought. He’s dressed in his customary striped apron, what looks like one of those buffs contestants wear on his head, army-green shorts, blue ankle socks with a red lobster-print worn over compression stockings, and a pair of black chefs’ clogs. Two pencils are tucked behind his right ear and another is clutched in his hand as he stares intently at a piece of paper. “I’m living dangerously,” he says. “I’ve decided to take the vegan ribollita off the menu and add a soft-baked celeriac salad with a savoury granola and confit quail. I’m also taking the porridge off and doing a pearl barley risotto cooked in vegetable stock with peas, broad beans, sweet pickled fennel, roast

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The Truffle Hunter
I like to end a meal with coffee and chocolate. I will happily forfeit a good night’s sleep and a thigh gap for caffeine and cacao. A crystal bowl filled with bright, shiny-papered Lindt balls or gold foil-wrapped Ferrero Rocher is my equivalent to m
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Win A Copy
“In Falastin, Tara and Sami have picked up the baton where it was left after Jerusalem,” says Yotam Ottolenghi in his foreword to the book. “Being the two formidable culinary forces that they are, they are the best guides I can possibly think of to t
Woolworths TASTE1 min citite
Woolworths TASTE
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