My relationship with poetry feels like my relationship with air. It’s always been there and has always been essential. I rarely discuss poetry, but like air it is always around me: I’m always using it, leaning on it, depending on it. It took me a while to realise, when growing up, that the Mabel Lucie Attwell poem framed above my grandmother’s

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Mindfulness Rituals And Celebration
Despite the long, dark nights, cold mornings, wind and rain, winter is often a time that brings us great joy. There are so many events that bring friends and family together, to keep our hearts warm, if not our toes! Whether your winter celebrations
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Celebrating New Year in South East Asia
In Laos the Buddhist New Year is celebrated with a three-day long massive water fight. Nobody is safe! Everyone, from children to elderly men, stand armed with water pistols, hoses and buckets of water to give innocent passers-by a soaking. Symbolica
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Flying Latkes
My twin sister Rachael definitely wasn’t human. She was a giant onion and potato-filled latke. That’s my favourite food, if you want to know. I could eat latkes morning, day and night. Latkes are one of the very best things about Hanukah. Well, that