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A Sustainable Business Model

are lucky enough to encounter a group of two or more independent publishers in the wild—whether in their natural habitat behind the tables at the Brooklyn Book Festival or perhaps gathered furtively at BookExpo America, in the less hospitable terrain of the 5000 section at New York City’s Javits Center, tucked between displays of cat cartoon calendars and book-themed socks—you will find that their conversations often unfurl in a language that is unintelligible to outsiders, a vernacular limited to parsing the inimitable horrors of ONIX metadata feeds, the soul-crushing degradation of Excel pivot tables, or the diabolical expense ratios of company retirement plans. In other words the language of

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The First in a Yearlong Series Inside Publishing
THE LITERARY AGENT ASSISTANT is a contributing editor of Poets & Writers Magazine. SAY you’ve written a young adult novel and you think Emily van Beek is the right literary agent to represent your work. You’ve read her bio on the website for her agen
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WE WRITERS tend not to give rejection the love or respect it deserves. We speak ill of it, as if it’s a malevolent demon, a destructive force, an uninvited guest that ruins our party. We revile it. We curse it. We reject it. Because rejection is a da
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WRITER’S block, I have always maintained, is not real. It is an invention. A self-inflicted wound. A chimera. After all, every time we fall asleep we write stories in our dreams. And yet whenever I give a talk to young writers, eventually a hand goes