6 apps to help you enjoy finer drinks

f you’re going to drink, do it properly. Life’s too short for Coors Light and boring old vodka and tonic. These apps will help you find something a cut above, whether that’s finer beers, a new liquor that’s just to your taste, or a cocktail that makes your random collection of bottles

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Mai multe de la MacLife

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Noto — Elegant Note
Free (IAPs) From Yi Lun Zhao, Made for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Needs iOS 13 or later While Apple’s Notes app has gained functionality in recent versions of iOS, it’s still fairly basic as a way of organizing information, and Pages is better
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Razer Opus
$199.99 From Razer, Features THX certified, ANC, quick attention mode, auto–pause/auto–play, up to 25 hours battery life Razer doesn’t just make gaming products — at least not anymore. The Opus is a pair of noise–cancelling headphones meant
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$14.99 From Theta Division, Needs macOS 10.12 or later VirtuaVerse is an homage to both the past and future. Its point–and–click gameplay and pixel–heavy graphics are rooted in the early days of video games, but its cyberpunk aesthe