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HOW DO YOU show someone you love them?

—Ken, Atlanta

questions every month, Ken, and most of them have pretty simple answers. “Is avocado toast really the ultimate breakfast?” (No.) “Can I get ripped from intermittent fasting?” (Probably.) “What’s the fastest way to lose a dad bod?” (Once and for all: ) But there’s no easy answer to what you’re asking, because it’s one thing to tell someone you love them—as ride-or-die actor friends Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson tell us on page 104, it’s as easy as ending a phone call with “I love you, pal”—but to someone you love them is a little trickier. Especially when you’re not talking about romantic, sexy-time love* but about the more common (and just as impactful) type of love that sustains our most important friendships.

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