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eing a trainer, bodybuilder, and nutrition expert means that companies frequently send me their products and ask for my stamp of approval. Most of the time I dive into research, test the product out, and send the company honest feedback. Sometimes, however, I refuse to give the product a try, because frankly, the ingredients inside aren’t real food. And I’d rather drink diesel fuel than torture my body with a

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6 Small Changes That Take Blood Pressure Down
1 Lose two pounds. For every two pounds or so, you could see a one-point drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number). 2 Get up every 45 minutes and walk around. This simple move was enough to significantly lower diastolic blood pressure in one s
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This Is How The Strength Myth Crumbles
ANDREW LUCK IS a tough guy. Just rewind the DVR to game nine of the 2015 season. His underdog Colts were leading the unbeaten Denver Broncos. In the fourth quarter, Luck initiated a QB scramble, and two behemoth Bronco defenders pummeled him with the
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Five browning-control settings ensure your waffle is done juuuuust right. But the best feature on this diner-grade griddle is the moat that encircles the waffle grid and catches excess batter. This also means you’ll spend less time cleaning the contr