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Strength-Train Your…What Was I Saying?


f you love to learn about the research behind your habits, this brain-training app is for you. BrainHQ shares the science behind each of its 29 exercises. One drawback:

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Country Strong
TIM MCGRAW stands with a kettlebell in his right hand, back pin-straight, and looks toward the wall at TRUMAV, his new gym in Nashville. He starts walking, then smiles. “I call this Taking Out the Trash,” he says. A natural storyteller, McGraw’s got
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Winning At Friendship
THE TRADITION STARTED, Matthew recalls, not long after he left his college friends behind to attend law school. Once a week, the friends started meeting up virtually, first through co-op titles like Resident Evil 5 and then, as their displaced group
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Strong, Calm, And (a Little) Crazy
Dawn’s rays are creeping west across the Mojave, crawling up Joshua trees and barrel cacti, as a group of U. S. Special Operations warriors sit cross-legged, all lined up and scanning the dry horizon. These exquisitely tattooed, over muscled rogues h