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The Enviable Best Friends Interview
How did you two meet? SAM: We met at Second City Detroit. Tim was my level-A teacher. I was 18. TIM: Yeah, yeah. I was 21. It was the very first class I ever taught, I think. Our mutual friend was like, “My friend Sam’s gonna be in your class.” How d
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Ask The Editors
HOW DO YOU show someone you love them? —Ken, Atlanta I GET A LOT OF questions every month, Ken, and most of them have pretty simple answers. “Is avocado toast really the ultimate breakfast?” (No.) “Can I get ripped from intermittent fasting?” (Probab
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Winning At Friendship
THE TRADITION STARTED, Matthew recalls, not long after he left his college friends behind to attend law school. Once a week, the friends started meeting up virtually, first through co-op titles like Resident Evil 5 and then, as their displaced group