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Luddites on Motorcycles

ow sad. Something different comes along and instantly, without even trying it, the turgid mass of motorcycling opinion condemns

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min citite
Changing Bikes, Part Two
A few weeks ago I sold my Kawasaki and found a nicely upgraded Guzzi V7 – only 1800 miles away in New Jersey, very close to the Atlantic Ocean. Since I first contacted the owner, we’ve stayed in touch, emails going back and forth daily. I’ve sold a
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Heated Jackets
Tested by: Mikko Nieminen | £199 | Constructed from breathable soft shell fabric and elasticated panels, the J501 is flexible, thin and light (925g with the heat controller). Providing the heat are Micro Carbon Fibre panels a
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min citite
Take It To The Max
Our European cousins love a big scooter. If you go to Paris, Barcelona or Rome, they’re everywhere you turn, either splicing through traffic or crammed three abreast into a parking space. And it seems they love Yamaha’s TMAX more than most. But for s