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When Michael Gove famously said that ‘people have had enough of experts' he was onto something – even though his quote was taken out of context. We live in the age of Google, where everyone can be their own expert. Don't know anything about quantum physics?Just Google it, read the first couple of search results and voilà. Sorry

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● Approximately £76 inc postage ● IT'S ODDLY difficult to find a genuinely strong, small tripod that can readily support a high-end camera on the kind of rough, uneven surfaces commonly found outdoors. But such a device is ideal for low
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DJI Mavic Mini
DJI's Mavic Mini has got lots of drone enthusiasts excited because it measures just140x82x57mm when folded up, which means it fits on the palm of your hand and can slip easily into a bag. More significantly, it also weighs just 249g, meaning it dips
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Like Michael Topham I will not buy a full-frame body that does not have dual card slots (Viewpoint, 1 February). Last Easter I took photos on holiday. When downloading the files at home I found nothing after the middle of a rainy city shoot. I tried