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I’ve admitted my total addiction to the West Coast in last month’s magazine, while on an extended camping trip

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Caravan and Outdoor Life2 min citite
Howling Moon Lt Deluxe
After spending a full week getting to know the Howling Moon LT Deluxe trailer tent, I can safely say this is a quality product. On the fourth day of my trip to review various camping sites, I had to endure near hurricane force winds that were gusting
Caravan and Outdoor Life1 min citite
Buurman Se Gat
There is also a real bush camp called Buurman se Gat. It’s about 3km from the main campsite. A small stone shelter built literally in the sandstone rock face. The shelter has sponge mattresses and can accommodate six people. You, however, must bring
Caravan and Outdoor Life3 min citite
Around The Campfire
Okay, maybe Spain is a geographic exaggeration. On a recent trip with my family, it was bucketing down at the campsite, yet the weather was still warm and a bit humid. My wife and I sat under the awning of our caravan with the rain beating down while