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Ask a Scientist: The Importance of Being a Voter
With primaries underway across the country in advance of the November elections, it’s a good time to chat with Michael Latner, an associate professor at California Polytechnic State University and UCS’s first Kendall voting rights fellow. Michael’s a
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Little Outreach, Enormous Benefits – The Size (of the Audience) Doesn’t Matter
I always enjoyed telling stories. When I was little I liked the feeling of having people interested in whatever I was telling. I used to entertain my classmates every morning telling them about whatever dreams I had the night before. And now, I enjoy
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A Healthy Resolution: Reclaim Your Democracy in 2020
As we enter the 2020 election cycle, a handful of states are emerging as test cases for the future of democracy in America. One canary in the coalmine is Georgia, where in 2018 now-Governor Brian Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams by the narrowest of margin