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The Force Is with Us, Always

R2-D2 in six of the Star Wars movies, always remembered the woman who wrote him years after the original trilogy had come out. She told him that in childhood she had been teased and bullied. Growing up had been tough. But what got her through those dark

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Vanishing Act
MARE SHEEHAN ISN’T LIKE OTHER detectives. At least not other detectives often seen on tele-vision. For one thing, she’s not showing up to a crime scene in a freshly pressed suit, ready to find the perfect clue that will magically bring together all t
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Zack Snyder
The literature professor’s work in deconstructing storytelling inspired a generation of filmmakers: “A teacher, a prophet, and a genius who decoded archetypes across the centuries. You can find your own stories in the stories he decodes, and he recon
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The Cold Open
Olivia Rodrigo breaks a new record THE “FOREVER” OLIVIA RODRIGO SINGS ABOUT IN “DRIVERS LICENSE” MAY BE FLEETING, BUT THE SONG’S SUCCESS RIDES ON. THIS melancholic debut single from the High School Musical star not only shot to No. 1 on the Hot 100 a