A Misleading Take on Immigrant, Veterans Health Care

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A long-circulating headline on social media misleadingly tells users that Democrats chose to “vote down” a health records system for veterans while approving the same for immigrants who cross the border illegally. The bill in question did not affect veterans.

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The Democratic-controlled House in late September passed a bill largely along party lines that would create new requirements for the Department of Homeland Security regarding medical screenings of immigrants who cross the border illegally — including the implementation of an electronic health records system.

In the more than two months since the House passed the bill, it hasn’t moved forward in the Republican-controlled Senate. But the prospect of the records system has continued to draw ire online thanks to a misleading headline that has ricocheted on social media.

The headline, circulating on a from an account called Top Stories Today, offers a grossly distorted take on what the bill does: “Dems Vote To Enhance Med Care for Illegals Now, Vote Down Vets Waiting

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