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Letter from the Founder

may be in grave danger of segueing off my chosen path, smashing through the guardrail and careening down the sheer and precarious cliff of hypocrisy with what I’m about to say. But certain recent occurrences in my life have left me feeling extremely wary about luxury objects and their capacity to seduce. From the beginning, the objective of this magazine was to discuss suits, cars and mechanical watches based not on what they represent sociologically — because far too often they are wielded as aggressive symbols of affluence — but because whether it’s that Patek Philippe chronograph, Joe Morgan suit or Riva yacht, some brilliant and talented human beings have spent

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The Rake Tailored Garments Spring/summer 2021 Collection
special thanks to Corinthia London Over the past year, like everyone reading this, I’ve done a lot of imagining. I have imagined the places I’ll visit and the friends I’ll hug and share laughter and meals with. When I think about these things happeni
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Letter From The Editor
When Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was broadcast, a week or so before this issue of The Rake went to print, I confess to thinking about one person in particular. It wasn’t a member of the royal family, or a commentator
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Kurt Iswarienko, a photographer born in the blue-collar creative breeding ground of Akron, Ohio, and raised in Argentina and Mexico, was influenced by the eclectic cultural and geographical contrasts he experienced as he travelled as a young boy. He