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ecent versions of iOS show this in the Battery section in Settings. Tap Battery Health to get an instant diagnosis. If you haven’t fully recharged your phone recently, it’s worth doing so and checking this again to confirm that

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Back Up Your PC
MIGRATION ASSISTANT WORKS on Windows too — although unlike Macs it isn’t already there on your PC. To get it, go to on your PC to download the Windows Migration Assistant for Big Sur. This works in much the same way as it does on the
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> Lost Recovery Mode With Old Firmware
For reasons which remain obscure, many of this specific model stopped being able to update their firmware over a year ago, when Catalina was released. Until now, running their old firmware version with newer versions of macOS hasn’t caused any widesp
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HOW TO Make A Clone
To make a clone you’ll need an external drive with enough space to fit everything on your current Mac: a bootable clone has to be an exact replica of everything. Click Allow CCC to Erase “Drivename.” Once you’ve set the options, you’ll see this scree