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Cannabis, marijuana, weed — call it what you like — is a plant best known as an illegal drug due to a mind-altering chemical contained in some strains, called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

All forms of cannabis have been illegal to grow, use and sell since 1937. However, in Australia, changes to legislation around the growing of some types of cannabis have opened up a valuable horticultural crop that is in demand for

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Fresh And Local
Apricot, avocado, banana, berries, carambola (starfruit), cherry (Morello sour), currants (red currant, black currant), grapes, lemons, limes, lychee, mango, melons, nectarine, passionfruit, peach, pear (Paradise, Williams), pineapple, plums, prickly
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Prime Climbers
By this time of year, any of your friends who are growing beans may already have been pressing bagfuls into your hands. In some seasons, beans can be as generous and overabundant as zucchinis. They are also best eaten fresh, which is why growers are
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For me, one of the best things about summer is the insects. It’s also the worst thing. I dearly love the butterflies, dragonflies, hoverflies, damselflies and bees on our patch of planet Earth — like that beautiful creature opposite, which fluttered